Does your receivables receivable?

Financing of business receivables is a term that many of us hear but rarely understand. We know the accounts receivable refers to the money to be collected by companies from clients who have an account that is not resolved. But the financing of accounts receivable in that case occurs when an unpaid invoice is sold to a company that specializes in this business. These companies will then take responsibility for collecting money using this invoice. There are entrepreneurs who switch to this as a solution for accounts that have long been anxious. However, not all types of business are suitable for this type of solution. If you have a problem with your collection, you can review what accountship financing and measure whether it is, indeed, for you.

The advantage of financing accounts receivable is that you can forward to other companies so you can concentrate on other important tasks to run your business. Instead of spending time with clients who somehow cannot pay, you can focus on sales or marketing your products or services, for example. You can let other companies worry about this collection so you can continue with other urgent tasks so you can offset whatever losses you spend from not having extraordinary problems with extraordinary invoices. It also allows you to use capital, which you use for inventory, in other aspects of your business.

Factoring also allows you to bring money quickly because this does not require tax statements. This becomes very useful when you are currently experiencing financial difficulties. When you sell extraordinary invoices, you can easily make money to be added to your capital and you don’t need a business plan for this.

There are more considerations you have to make before you are involved in factoring. You will lose some money when you are involved in factoring, you must carefully check whether this solution is actually needed by your company. Is this cost of keeping this extraordinary invoice bigger than the cost of selling it to accounts receivable? When you decide to sell the invoices to other companies, you also have to think whether this will be in line with your business plan. Depending on specific circumstances, selling the invoices can guide you into two directions – increase your business position or bankruptcy. Remember that this industry is not too stable or predictable.