Online Trading Academy Scores Gold Stevie Award For Technological Prowess in Business

If you’ve ever been interested in learning the ins and outs of the financial world, you’ve likely heard of Online Trading Academy. Founded more than 25 years ago as a platform for learning how to excel in the financial markets, the Online Trading Academy has secured numerous honors alongside its hundreds of thousands of student attendees.

Following their efforts during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the team at Online Trading Academy was honored with both a Gold and Silver Stevie Award at the 19th International Business Awards.

One of the most decorated achievements in the industry, the Annual International Business Awards featured more than 3,700 applicants strewn across for-profit and non-profit organizations in both the public and private spaces.

Earning Top Honors at OTA

Online Trading Academy was awarded for the second year in a row for its efforts in the digital space, prepping the traders of today for the markets of tomorrow. OTA’s award-winning work begins with the Stratos technology that fuels its educational platform. The system is treated like a skill that can be improved through repetition and application. Through Stratos, students at Online Trading Academy are able to fuel their learning and practicing desires in an innovative environment.

Steve Albin is the Vice President of Product Operations at Online Trading Academy and, as such, has been the point on much of their latest tech efforts. Pointing to the proprietary software that fuels their system, Albin stated, “CliK, our proprietary trading, analysis, and education platform coupled with Stratos is that innovation.”

The award winners for this year’s nominations were determined by scores averaged by 300 executives from around the world. The judging process went on throughout June and July with winners ultimately following after.

Eyal Marmareli is the Chief Technology Officer at OTA and they were effusive in their praise of the system. Marmareli said, “Stratos empowers our instructors and students with multiple levels of smart, remote learning controls and helps students develop the confidence to learn, analyze, and execute trades in the financial markets.”

For the team at Online Trading Academy, finding success was all about filling in the void left behind by events in the world. The COVID-19 pandemic heightened the need for remote learning solutions and that is precisely the target that OTA aimed to meet. Albin stated, “In early 2020, challenging world events necessitated significant changes in the way we deliver our training to students.”

Circling back on the awards, the team was glowing with pride from the praise lobbed at their efforts by the International Business Awards. The judges stated of OTA that they, “Provided sufficient claims, proof, and testimonials that exhibit the value of Stratos, their new technology in the guided learning space, brings to new and learning traders.”