Secret fitness boot camp

Have you ever look forward to your practice because they are fun … hard, but fun? Have you ever done the same fitness class three days (or more) a week for years ended? Have you ever done an exercise where you continue to be stronger and faster and monthly after month after month?

If you like most out there, you answer “no” for those questions. And that’s why so many people fall from a fitness cart … they stop seeing the results or they are bored, or worse, both!

The score of people tried this and it was, fitness-wise, but burned quickly because they were bored, the training had never changed so it was split, and they stopped seeing the results. It doesn’t matter if it is a class, weight lifting, cardio machine, or works with a coach …. at some point you hit a wall.

But this does not seem to really happen with training camps that have sprung up throughout the world in the last 5 years. What makes the training camp so popular? What is their secret?

Secret # 1 – Environment Outside Home – Let’s be honest, given the choice, you want to hear when you exercise, the sound of a breeze penetrating the trees or the weight and definition of someone else about “music”? Do you prefer to do exercises on the grass or sand, or do you prefer fitness equipment coated with sweat and other people’s germs? (Eeeeeewwwww!)

When you exercise outside, well, it’s rather difficult to describe it, but it’s just different from the others … the sun, stars, moon, wind, snow, even the rain all gives you another experience. You get emotional, almost spiritual benefits, from exercising at the Gym Mother Nature, with all the elements offered. “Collapse” “peace” “gives” extraordinary “energy” … all the words are used to describe outdoor fitness training camps.

Secret # 2 – Varieties. The only thing you will repeat in the outdoor boot camp exercise is a variation. There are hundreds of exercises and many, many exercise formats that can be used in outdoor fitness training, mostly without equipment at all! There are individual oriented formats, partner-oriented formats, and team-oriented formats.

Some examples that you might have never heard and of course have not been done in gymnasium: bootstrappers, hip splits (not the same as Squat Split) hang-five, pheiner, dolphin pool, fregger etc. This is far more than just pushing -Ups and sit-ups. They say varieties are life spices, right? Well, variations are fitness spices!

Secret # 3: Cararaderie.

There is no other place in fitness you will find a class that can make a total stranger to become a teammate in less than 45 minutes! And I mean a teammate for the long term, not only for one class … even if they have never exercised together again, they have interrelated bonds every time they see each other. After you play hard (ie fitness – talk to “work ** you!”) With people, doing things that other people will do, you have a very intense bond. It’s really one thing you have to experience to understand.

And finally, but maybe the most important …

Secret # 4 – Results.

Let’s face it, if you don’t get the results of your fitness program, you will not save it. Whether your goal is to lose fat, become stronger, faster or just feel better physically and emotionally, the training camp will definitely give you the results you are looking for.

Interval training is a proven winner when it comes to loss of fat and training camps is about intervals. The interval can last 20 seconds or 3 minutes, but the point always does a very intense job followed by an active break / recovery … this gives you the metabolism produced by “Afterburn” which literally burns fat up to 48 hours after you work. And when many of us sit behind the desk all day, can still burn serious calories at a very big break!