SEO Technology – How to ensure sustainable success in search engine rankings

After spending a lot of time searching and testing SEO technology I have collected several internet marketing tips, secrets and strategies that will help you get sustainable success in search engines.

It is wise when you find any information whether it’s about SEO technology, internet marketing or your affiliate scheme saving it in a folder. Before you realize it, you will have a folder that contains ‘all you need to know’ about internet marketing and SEO technology. You can even divide folders further into related categories such as SEO technology, Google Adwords, Internet Marketing etc.

Tip 1 – Search engine optimization = How to go to Google # 1

How can I be “the most popular poets on the internet?” It is true! The key is only the phrase to Google and there I am, where number 1 and 2. How do I do that?, What technology do you use? Let me show …

First, you need to know that the main part of the Google ranking algorithm is based on the link. Simply, rating well for any keywords, you need to make original quality and content, based on keywords and then have a number of links that point to that page with keywords embedded in hyperlinks.

How many links? Well, the more competitive terms, the more links you will need. Please repeat the phrase to sink. That is the key. Even though I have been online for 10 years and my poetry site has been visited by tens of millions of people at that time, I could not really claim to be “the most popular poets on the internet”. It’s just that the keyword phrase is not too competitive (at all) so that it only takes several links to achieve the final result (i.e position 1 + 2).

But the same principle applies to any keyword. That’s why I number 1 in the world for ‘birthday poems’ for example. Create quality, original content, based on your target keywords (using keywords as your page title (or your domain also helps). Then get a quality link pointing to your site with targeted keywords (if you get a lot of links, it’s good to vary Hyperlink keyword information). Now, you will read a lot of ‘hype’ about search engine optimization and SEO technology, but just remember this simple formula and you will not be wrong:

Create unique focus keywords for content + then get a link with keywords, or variations of keywords, hyperlinks to that page.

That simple. Now, depending on the term, the number of links needed may be very large. For example, if I type “poetry” to Google and then type “Link:” I can very quickly see how many links point to the site (well, at least that Google recognizes and they are important). If you want to do a deep inspection of your competitors then I suggest you use SEO technology plugins that are very helpful for Firefox. Not only is free you can see the number of links and more.

Now, all the links will not have the same keywords but it will give you a good idea about the work involved to reach position 1. There are several online tools that you can use and we will explore them in the upcoming edition so in the Meanwhile edition , I offer one last suggestion. To use this method, start with the “long tail” keyword. One with four or five words in the phrase.

So this is what must be done:

1. Create a Squidoo page based on your long tail keyword.

2. Create several links and point to that page, use the keyword.

3. Create a page on your website based on keywords and link it there from page veranda, use keywords. Make sure the page is at least 50% different from your Squidoo page.

4. Link to your new page from the Squidoo page.