5 small business reasons you must have a website

Statistics by Google showed that more than half of the American small business did not have a business website. In some states, in fact, almost 70 percent of small businesses are not online. This business loses opportunities to market their business and to interact and educate consumers on their products or services. If you have not made a leap to build a website for your business, here are 5 reasons you have to go up and run your small business website.

1) Website is a long-term marketing part. The website has many goals. One of them is acting as an online brochure that presents a business to consumers. Unlike print pieces such as print brochures or direct mail pieces that are often accepted and discarded, a website remains online, drawing traffic as long as it’s up.

2) Building a website is a good investment. Like all things, you can spend as much or as little as you want to get a website and walk. Unlike print pieces, it can be easily updated and changed. You can announce special offers, sales, and others without having to pay print and mailing fees.

3) Your competition has a website. If about half of small businesses do not have a website, it means that about half of them do it. Do some research. What are your competitors online? If they are, then they draw traffic and customers you don’t get. Customers find them instead of you. It’s not good for essence.

4) Your customers are looking for online. If your business is not online, then this customer cannot find you and cannot do business with you. If you use the reason that you are a local business so having an online presence is not important, think again. One study found that ninety-seven percent of consumers were looking for online for local products and services.

5) Web sites have several uses. This makes it a better investment. There are many things you can do with websites outside of information about your products, services, and companies. You can collect email addresses and use the list to send bulletins, update customers about changes and special offers. You can also sell your items through your website. Or, if your business is more about service, you can use your website to order appointments with consumers and to get feedback from them.