Three common features of the best secondary schools.

What do the best high schools have in common? Well, the short answer is, nothing! There are not two schools, the same is makeup or quality, which makes them judged very difficult. That’s why the reply system ofsted is designed to compare a school against itself, instead of other schools in the locality, as a league table system would.

But, if you are looking for high schools around you to send your child and want to know a little more about them, it is a good idea to try to make some comparisons between them. So, what do the best secondary schools have in common and what makes them the best?

First, all the best high schools have good grades. Remember to read an OWSted report you need to see more than just the rating of the coast (on a scale of 1 to 4, with 1 being outstanding and 4 requiring improvements). The OFSTED report shows a lot of information that may or may not be useful for all, but the best 2 places to look are at the previous inspection score (to see if the school has better, worse, or remained the same) and the improvement areas. This will give you a snapshot in the way that school is being carried out and how good it is.

Second, all the best secondary schools have good facilities. For good facilities, we are talking about school buildings, classrooms, IT facilities, catering facilities and sports facilities. It is easy when it comes to judging which schools are best to focus on teaching facilities and make decisions based on the performance of students, but the performance of students is mainly to their child and his willingness to learn. The best high schools will almost always have a good set of catering facilities, good sports facilities and equipment, as well as a good IT infrastructure to teach your child more about the world of the future.

Finally, the best high schools attract the best teachers. In addition, the best teachers stay in schools. Think about it: Teachers work on payment ratings, so it is unlikely that they have more money in a different school to do the same job. Therefore, the Upshot is, therefore, that if you find a good school with good facilities in a convenient place for them, they will not seek to leave school in a hurry. If they are good at work, the school maintains its standards and remains one of the best schools in the area. Good teachers generally teach in good schools.

It can be very difficult to compare school A with school B at each classification factor, but think about what makes the best high schools give you a good basis to make the right decision. You can decide which classification factors (teaching, catering, sports facilities) are more important for you, and start your decision-making process from there.