Android technology makes your communication device incredible

A droid mobile is not less than a cup of a black coffee that arouses your communication. A mobile designed using an Android operating system is commonly called a droid mobile. Windows are the best operating system with respect to computer science. However, for mobile devices, the upper operating system is Android.

Mobile software consisting of a middleware, an operating system and key applications is called Android. The first Android software used in a phone was the HTC Dream in 2008. Initially, Android could not create ripples in the mobile world because of the presence of other high-level smartphones such as the Apple iPhone and BlackBerry Storm, etc. He has gained popularity after two years of launch and by 2010, nearly 44% smartphone had bought this software.

Although developers had recognized the potential of this mobile operating system to its launch but hesitating to make investments for the development of its applications. There was a lot of reasons for their hesitation, but the low sales rate of this software was the most important. In Android’s success trip, Google played a gigantic role through its Android Developer Challenge. He distributed $ 10 million as prizes in this challenge, which promoted tremendously the developers.

Without a doubt, the software was a big success, but it required a device to present its characteristics. Android had a big pusher by Motorola when the company officially published the Motorola Droid on the Verizon network for the first time at the end of 2009. This launch of Motorola was a great smack because it was supported by the two largest Wireless carriers. The Motorola Droid offers unprecedented pros to users such as free navigation Google Maps, and much more like that.

Android is an incredible open operating system that invites hardware and software developers to work in an absolutely free atmosphere. The opening of the Android operating system improves the creativity of the developers.

The opening of the software means that it is easily modified according to the user preferences and new technologies. A droid phone has an edge on other smartphones that it brings new technologies to mobile phones. An easy and unlimited customization is the characteristic that no other mobile operating system currently offers. Simple customization means an ability to run multiple applications at a time.