Cellular technology solution

The business world is a fast change place. Information and communication technology continues to set speed. New progress in technology changes the way everyone works. Not only at the table, where else can be done in a day, in a shorter time than before, but also on the road and far from the office.

The need for cellular solutions, the more businesses recognize the need for cellular data solutions. Usually, there are two options:

> Exchange solutions that are hosted where everything is managed for you and your people. What you see is a message, email basic messages, data, reports and content sent to your PC or your mobile device as part of your hosting agreement.

> Cellular information server, which is a complete, managed solution in your business or by the supplier hosted. For a simple monthly fee plus airtime fees, you get everything you need, including all hardware, software, installation, training, and support.

Most small businesses have invested in cellular solutions report significant productivity benefits.

What’s out there?

The wireless system brings great benefits. Without cables that need to be worried, you can easily add new users to your network. You can download files and print documents from your laptop device or handheld device without an awkward connection. And you can move around the office stay online as if you were at your desk.

The system allows you to exchange data and synchronize calendars between infrared capable devices such as cellphones, laptops, and personal digital assistants (PDAs) without cable connections. They operate more than short distances.

Bluetooth enabled devices also communicate wirelessly. They don’t need a line of sight to make it work. PCs, notebooks, PDAs, printers, and Bluetooth enabled phones can talk to each other for a short distance – up to 10 meters – without cables. Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) is the current wireless technology. Fast, reliable and safe, it offers a range of up to 550 meters.

GPRS (General Radio Package Services) is a wireless communication service that provides sustainable connections to the Internet for mobile and computer users. This allows users to take part in video conferencing and interact with multimedia websites and similar applications using cellular handheld devices and notebook computers.

The next generation cellphone next generation adds more features every day, allowing users to browse the internet in color, make voice calls, send text messages and e-mail. They can also work as cameras that allow users to take and send photos with voice messages attached. Mobile 3G (3rd) has only transferred data faster and allows it to be distributed in real time between many users. They also provide video conferencing and enable access to documents, databases, and work schedules stored on the company’s intranets and secure websites.

In addition, there are strong handheld computer devices now available, including PDAs, smartphones, and tablet pcs.

What does all this mean for me? Cellular options gives you and your people speed up, freedom, flexibility, and resources to work anywhere, anytime and in any way. This technology can allow you to:

Increase productivity
Save money at the cost of renting office space
Increase employee motivation
Optimize your trade clock flexibility (your staff can work outside of office hours)
Reduce employee stress levels
Save the cost of hiring the head office
Reduce business travel costs
Increase your company’s resilience to weather or transportation problems
Reducing the time and cost of commuter employees
Employ specialist personnel regardless of location
Offer interesting propositions when hiring new recruits