Easy recipe for baked beef cook

When cooking grilled beef, it is important to know that the spices are added to the surface of the meat before baking will only penetrate the small fragment meat. Bake big beef, like cow ribs and rounds usually have most of the cover of fat or bones. The reason for being baked meat seasoning has little effect is because fat and bones are not commonly eaten. This is why it is important to know two alternative techniques when sponeling grilled beef just before baking.

1. Marinate meat or apply the spices in advance, to give time to penetrate.

2. Serve roast beef with flavorful sauce, sauce, or juice. Sauce serves as a spice and liked meat.

3. Another way to add flavor to meat grilled meat is to smoke them. Wooden smoke taste in delicious cooked meat.

When cooking roast beef, it is also important to bake their side of fat. When you bake them with a fat side, fat melts and run to the side and provide a sustainable processed process. Also, when cooking grilled beef, it is better to cook meat at low temperatures. This increases tenderness in roast beef.

Roast beef rib with au juice / serving 20 to 25


– 20lb beef rib, ready to grill, bone inside (average size)
– 8 oz onions
– 4 oz carrots.
– 4oz celery.
– 2QT Brown Stock
– Salt to taste
– Pepper for taste

How to unite it

1. Place the fat side of the meat in the grilled pan.

2. Use the thermometer and add it in the middle of the roast.

3. Place the meat in a heated 300 degree oven. Bake until rarely or being done, as desired, allows for accumulated cooking. The thermometer reading is, rare: 120 degrees F, medium: 130 degrees F. Note: The outer slices will be cooked more than the center. The roasting time is at least 3 to 4 hours.

4. Remove the meat from the pan and let it stand in a warm place 30 minutes before carving.

5. Drain all except about 3 to 4 oz fat from the grilled pan. Try to save any juice in the pan. Add mirepoix (onions, carrots, celery to the pan.

6. Set the pan with high heat and cook until the mirepoix is ​​brown and moisture has evaporated, leaving only fat, mirepoix, and driped.

7. Pour excess fat.

8. Pour around 1 PT Stok into the roast pan for deglazon. Stir the heat until chocolate triping is dissolved.

9. Pour the liquid deglaza and mirepoix into a pan with the remaining stock. Boil until soft and liquid mirepoix decreases about one third.

10. Tensions through Chinese hats coated with thin cloth. Season enough with salt and black pepper.

11. When serving, cut next to the bone to free meat, and slice the meat across the grains.

12. Serve each slice with juice.