How to create a satisfying FinTech app

The amount of investments in the FinTech market is growing increasingly every year: as estimated, 74% of bank clients use the apps to make a list of transactions. It both eases your life and saves your time. As a developer, you may catch a wave and profit from it sufficiently.

What is FinTech, and why pay attention to it?

The term refers to any financial operations managed through devices. Any app that features opportunities to transfer and receive payments and is capable of providing financial reports can be considered a FinTech. Besides, this field of the digital environment is yet under researched which makes it a “goldmine” for those who are involved in its development.

What kind of app to develop

There is a wide variety of digital payment applications: from banking apps involving AI and branched hosting to small hotel websites, and all of them may be equally useful. The most competitive fields are wealth management and payment, health and security, insurance, cryptocurrency, and trading. It also can correspond to your business or professional skills.

Compliance with local laws

The service you provide in the app must be legal and transparent. You also need to create the privacy policy of the app so that you could secure both users and yourself. As almost every state has different legislation, it would be helpful to find a legal advisor to cooperate with. Authorities haven’t yet reacted to the development of the new economic branch, which is why you need to be accurate in all legal aspects.


The point is – how effectively you might attract clients. Following the mainstream trends, your app is most likely to build up a client base with minimalistic design and some simple features like QR-code payments, animated interface, and scrolling content. The easier it is in use, the more users it has.

Set targets to the developers

The team should be divided following the responsibilities of developers. Typically, the positions are frontend and backend developers, project managers, quality control specialists, and designers. It is also sufficient to stimulate your team to work within certain deadlines.

Your audience is your priority

The app has to be both useful and reliable. Conducting a survey would help to find out what your potential users are like and what their needs are. To make the use of the app more comfortable, you need to ensure your audience that their data is entirely secure: biometric or multi-factor authentication is a good way to show it.

Test the app

The final step before releasing it – make sure it works properly. You might first introduce a Beta-version to allow users to rate it and report about common bugs. After the bugs are fixed and the code is working – voila, the app is fully ready to enter the market.

In addition

The market is flexible, so your app should keep up with its changes. You need to provide service support and update the app and its privacy policy regularly so that it could fit current trends. With the assistance of an expert software development team, you can gain success with the uberization business model.