Misery author: 7 negative side effects of sitting too long

When your work means sitting in front of a computer screen all day you pay the price. Read on to learn the seven negative side effects of sitting too long.

Writing and Health
Best-selling author Stephen King associate at least some of its success to two factors. With an estimated income of $ 17 million per year, he got something right. In his book, in writing, he shared some of his advice to aspiring writers.

King described how physical health and a strong marriage are the two most important reasons for his success. It seems that the welfare industry has supporters in the world of writing a horror novel. The challenge is finding a way to keep your health when the writing process means you have a long period of immobility enforced.

1. The Heart of the Matter
Long period of time in a sedentary job means you burn fewer calories than if you are active. If you consume more calories than you burn, your body stores some excess calories around your body as fat.

Increased fatty acid that is carried in the bloodstream can cause restriction and blocking arteries. Furring of the arteries caused by increased cholesterol levels lead to high blood pressure and heart disease. This puts stress on your heart to maintain circulation and can cause a heart attack.

Sedentary job and heart disease are clearly linked. There is also a clear link between a lower cardiovascular risk and greater physical activity. Wake up from your desk and active is good for your heart health.

Heart problems can lead to medical interventions including drug therapy. Atrial fibrillation is an example of a condition that risk factors including high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes, among others. See here to learn about treatment.

2. Damage to organs
Your heart is not the only organ that can suffer as a result of physical inactivity. Your pancreas also suffer when you are not active.

Your muscles convert glucose into energy. They do this when stimulated by the hormone produced by the pancreas. This hormone is insulin.

The muscles are idle for a long time become less responsive to insulin. It takes more insulin than normal to bring glucose to the cells that convert it into energy. The pancreas is working overtime produce extra insulin and this can lead to diabetes.

Physical activity reduces the incidence of colon cancer. Perhaps more physical activity to help the movement of the intestine, reducing obesity levels and reduce insulin levels. These factors and other factors that appear to present a long time with a greater risk of cancer.

3. Problems neck and back
Sitting on a chair on the keyboard is not a natural position for the human body. Body you do not have millions of years to develop a framework and the necessary muscle to do this without damage. Even the ergonomic design principles can only go so far reducing the harmful impact on your neck and back.

Sitting for a long time at the table can lead to neck pain, strain, and even severe pain. Back and shoulders is the result of repetitive motion such as typing or lack of movement. Movement allows blood and nutrients to get to the discs between the vertebrae, thus generating ketidakfleksibel inaction and destruction.

4. muscled in.
Muscles respond to activity. The lack of activity leads to muscle wasting and softening. Then, when you need it to work, you could suffer from strains and tears.

Abdominal muscles are not used while seated. Backs extending in the seating position. Both of these factors result in poor posture and core is weakened when standing or walking.

Your glutes also not be used while seated. They are very important for a good action of walking or running. Lack of exercise in this area resulted in poor stability and strength which makes walking or running weak.