Wow cable TV. A complete review. Is it still worth it?

If you live in the mid-western or the southern regions of the United States, you must have heard of wow cable TV. Wow stands for wide open West. The name predominantly reflects the area that the cable company covers. They have some fantastic channel line-ups, their pricing is very affordable, and they also offer fantastic Internet connection speeds. This is why Wow is the preferred choice amongst the people living in the locations where wow serves.

Along with cable packages, wow also has other offers for customers like the availability of unlimited data in its Internet package, impressive channel line-ups, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. There is no wonder as to how wow has lived up to its name.

Pricing and packages of wow cable TV

Wow cable TV has the best packages and pricing to offer its customers. If you opt for wow TV, you will not only enjoy complete access to premium HD channels; you will also receive on-demand content and your preferred movie channels at low rates. To keep things simple for the customers, wow has offered three different cable packages for the customers to select and choose from.

Depending on your preferences, you will choose one of the following packages.

Small cable package

As the name reflects, the small cable package does not have a lot apart from the basics. Even in the case of basic, the package is missing some critical TV channels like family central and Fox Sports. If you are looking for a fundamental cable service, this is the plan for you. However, suppose you are someone who wants to stay updated with your favorite comedy shows and sports. In that case, you should look att the other cable packages of wow. The small cable package offers around 90 channels to the users. This is much better compared to what some other cable TV providers provide you with.

Medium cable package

The medium cable package is a huge step ahead of the small cable package. If you choose to opt for the medium cable package, you will be availing of 150 channels. These channels will also include some fantastic channels like Travel Channel and Nickelodeon. Along with this, the customers can choose any one of the premium channels amongst Cinemax, HBO, and Starz. Thus, if you are searching for a cable package that offers a blend of good content, premium channels, and movie channels, the medium cable package is the one you should opt for.

Large cable package

If you want the best cable TV experience, you should go for the wows large cable package. This cable package offers more than 250 channels to users. Along with a wide array of channels, this package also provides access to some premium sports channels like Viceland, NFL Network et cetera. Finally, you are allowed to select one premium channel as per your preferences.


As has been observed in the case of most TV service providers, the prices of wow also switch from one location to the other. However, irrespective of where you live, you will receive a great deal because the wow company generally offers terrific deals. The one factor that you must remember here is that this fantastic deal has a few strings attached to it. To avail of the low-priced options, you will have to enter into an agreement of a 24 months contract. You will also have to select autopay as your billing option.

Another critical factor here is that the subscription price will increase when your contract ends. Therefore, you must keep track of the subscription end date. Thus, you can decide whether you want to continue with wow or switch to another cable TV provider when your subscription ends. In most cases, the prices of the package increase by $20 when the contract period ends.

Wow Ultra

In an attempt to advance itself and join the smart TV race, the ultra-box was introduced. This has become a massive sensation amongst customers of wow. The reason is that wow ultra-box offers access to the regular channels and unlimited on-demand content. The best part is that wow ultra can also act as a router and can be used to view Netflix.


Installation in the case of wow cable TV is not free. The exact value of installation is not clearly spelled out on the website, but it generally ranges from $20 to $50. Sometimes, customers have been able to negotiate the installation fee or even get it waived off. Therefore, contact customer service before you make the payment so that you can get the installation fee waived off. Another positive point is that you do not have to pay another installation fee for the new location if you decide to move houses.